Distinctive Milestones


2008      HKCCA jointly established Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association Leaders (APCCAL) with the following associations as   Founding Members:

  • Australian Teleservices Association  (ATA)
  • Contact Center Association of Singapore  (CCAS)
  • Contact Centre Management Association – Australia  (CCMA)
  • China Contact Center & CRM Association  (CNCCA)
  • Hong Kong Call Centre Association  (HKCCA)
  • Indonesia Contact Center Association  (ICCA)
  • Taiwan Contact Center Development Association  (TCCDA)


2009      HKCCA celebrated its 10th anniversary of service to members and contributions to the industry


2010      HKCCA started organizing overseas contact centre benchmarking tour for members to learn and share best practices in contact centre business. The first tour was to Malaysia. It was followed by tours to Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand in the following years.


HKCCA developed and implemented a Code of Practice (CoP) on Person-to-Person Telemarking calls to address the public concern on the unsolicited calls issue.


2011      To strengthen the commitment to tackle the telemarketing calls issue, HKCCA implemented a Person-to-Person Telemarking Code of Practice (CoP) Certification mechanism with an independent body conducting audit to ensure its members adhere to the requirements of the CoP.


The Association was successful in applying the Government SME Development Fund for the Person-to-Person Telemarking Code of Practice Certification Scheme to help the SME Telemarketers to get the certification and provide training to their frontline agents.


HKCCA held the 4th annual Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association Leaders (APCCAL) EXPO in Hong Kong and Guangzhou where over 1,000 delegates from Hong Kong, China and Asia Pacific attended the 3-day event.


2012      The first batch of 13 companies practicing Person-to-Person Telemarketing Code of Practice were successfully certified.


2013      HKCCA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Incheon City of South Korea to promote and contribute to the development of Global Contact Centre Industry in Incheon and Hong Kong.


2014      HKCCA celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the Association in serving the industry. The Association launched an Industry Research in the same year.


HKCCA was appointed as the Secretariat for Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association Leaders (APCCAL).


APCCAL was officially registered in Hong Kong as a legal entity.


HKCCA was awarded the hosting right for the APCCAL EXPO 2016.


2016      HKCCA implemented a Government-funded project to support Ethnic Minority in Hong Kong through providing them with contact centre training and on-the-job practice with the ultimate aim to integrate them into the contact centre industry with employment.


HKCCA, as host to the APCCAL EXPO 2016, welcomed over 800 local and international delegates to attend the 3-day event which included APCCAL Leaders meeting; Conference & Exhibition; contact centre visits; Korean Night; Cocktail; Awards Presentation and Gala Dinner.


2017      HKCCA together with China Call Center and CRM Association (CNCCA) and Taiwan Contact Center Development Association (TCCTA) established the Greater China Contact Centre Alliance (GCCA) with HKCCA being appointed as its secretariat.


2018      GCCA was registered in Hong Kong as a legal entity and inaugurated in March 2018. The first GCCA Summit was held in Hong Kong on 21 March 2018


HKCCA signed MOU with Korea Standards Association (KSA) to strengthen the collaboration of the two associations in contact centre standards, quality management and customer service benchmarking.


HKCCA signed MOU with Auscontact, CCAM, CCAS, CNCCA, ICCA TCCDA and TCCTA to form Contact Centre Associations of Asia Pacific (CC-APAC) to promote cross-country learning; sharing and recognition in the region.


2019      HKCCA celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a series of events and activities organized.


HKCCA collaborated with Hong Kong Polytechnic University organized the “Talking across the world in English” conference to address the challenges in English communication in Hong Kong contact centres.


The Association conducted a study to gauge the service standard of major business sectors in providing service to English speaking customers.


HKCCA organized a Charity Run – “Run for the Roses” to raise fund for Child Development Centre (CDC) to support children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).  


2020     HKCCA was re-branded with a new business name (Hong Kong Customer Contact Association), a new logo and color scheme.


To cope with coronavirus pandemic, the HKCCA Award assessment was conducted online for the first time. The annual HKCCA Symposium was also held in virtual form while the Award Presentation was able to be held physically.


2021      HKCCA launched the first Photography Competition to increase brand awareness and affinity; enhance member engagement and inspire creativity.


The HKCCA Award was extended to cover Face-to-face customer centres and the staff working in the customer-facing service centres.


The Association succeeded in applying the Government’s Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) to upgrade the HKCCA Award System. The enhanced system was fully implemented in the HKCCA Award 2022.  


2022      Brick-and-Mortar assessment stream was added to HKCCA Award and Mystery Customer Assessment Award to extend participation of the competitions.  


The HKCCA’s brand name “Hong Kong Customer Contact Association” together with its associated logos were successfully awarded “Certificate of Registration of Trade Mark” by Trade Marks Registry Intellectual Property Department of the Hong Kong SAR in June 2022.