We would like to take the opportunity to welcome HKCCA new Corporate Member – Teleperformance group.

Teleperformance was established in 1978 and headquarters in France , it is  the worldwide leader in outsourced multichannel customer experience management, serves companies around the world with customer care, technical support, customer acquisition and debt collection programs etc. The Group has more than 217,000 employees across around 311 contact centers in 65 countries and serving more than 160 markets. It manages programs in 265 languages and dialects on behalf of major international companies operating in a wide variety of industries. . Leading CRM call center experience, global business distribution, flexible solutions and cooperation models, reasonable cost control, unified operation standard culture, favorable financial status and senior industry experts and management team are the foundations of the success of Teleperformance. For more information: www.teleperformance.com

Almost the past 40 years, Teleperformance has already gone deep to each major global industry such as telecommunication, finance, insurance, e-commerce, media, IT, energy facilities, tourism, manufacturing, logistics, and pharmaceutical. Also, it has successfully provided CRM-centered service systems for large transnational corporations such as Fortune 500 like AT&T, Verizon, AIG, Microsoft, Citigroup and Expedia. Service types include: Customer digging, customer value addition, technical support, debt recovery and market survey; 90% of customers have cooperated with us for 2-15 years.


Teleperformance China

Teleperformance began operations in China in 2007, Teleperformance in China(www.teleperformance.cn) is well known outsourcing call center provider and BPO business provider ,bringing world-class support to the local and international market.  With more than 5,400 employees, Teleperformance China provides technical support, customer care and acquisition services for voice and non-voice channels.


Teleperformance in China operates out of six strategically located contact centers in Beijing (2), Xi’an, Nanning,Kunming and Foshan.  Teleperformance in China adopts its global unified service standards and operation assessment, high-efficiency resource integration, strong operation capacity and strict management flow, Teleperformance in China is dedicated to assisting customers and partners in continuously optimizing competitiveness and realizing maximum commercial value. Teleperformance in China serve the world’s most prominent, well-respect brands across all industries.  Major clients include well-known consumer electronics brands, telecommunications giants, travel and hospitality companies, financial services companies, and e-commerce business. TP has a batch of loyal, dedicated and professional management and technical experts. Scientific quality management system also helps us provide customers with individualized outsourcing service solutions. Relying on powerful technical development capacity, high-efficiency resource integration, strong operation capacity and rigorous management flow, Teleperformance is dedicated to assisting customers and partners in continuously optimizing competitiveness and realizing maximum commercial value. Our customers include multiple Fortune 500 enterprises and 90% of them have established long-term partnership with our company.



Service types: Technical support, customer care, customer acquisition, urgent collection, sales, reservation and feedback management, market survey, data recording, opportunity generation and telemarketing.


Service industries/vertical markets: Telecommunication/Internet access supplier, financial service, tourism, e-commerce, technology, online game, finance, insurance, consumer goods, hardware, software, retail and energy


Service modes/multiple channels: Voice incoming call/outgoing call, online real-time chatting, email and social non-voice channel


Number of customer service personnel: 5000


Service language:13 languages, include Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japan, Korean, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Filipino, Vietnamese and so on


Contact information:

Tel: (86) 010-59936000

Address: 3F, South Building, Zhongke Ziyuan Building, No. 6, Nansan Street, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing

Website: www.teleperformance.cn

Email: Marketing@teleperformance.cn