HKCCA would like to take the opportunity to welcome ITAPPS to join the Association as Vendor member.

ITAPPS is a cloud advisory and technology solutions company who is passionate about helping our clients become more collaborated and connected within their organization, as well as with their customers and partners. To achieve this, we have become experts in blending different technologies, including CRM, ITSM, call centers and cloud based platforms, to provide a suitable solution for you. With the advance of cloud computing, we have expanded our expertise to encompass using cloud-enabled solutions to help you implement your business strategy. Our team provides cloud adoption strategies, assist clients with implementation and integration of these services, and follow through with rollout, support and future planning. In addition, our ITSM/ITIL specialists can help you to take your IT operations to the next level by helping them adopt IT as a service. After serving a range of clients from Hong Kong, China, and South Asia in over 1000 projects, we have come to understand that it is the people in the companies that hire us, who trust in our ability to deliver. We are committed to keeping ourselves nimble, adaptive and flexible to satisfy your needs. We take our role as a service provider very seriously, pushing ourselves to exceed your expectations.

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